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Sukeena Rao is one of the world’s premier advisers in fashion and luxury. She consults and sources for clients and celebrities across the globe and advises brands and stores on personal shopping and ultra premium strategy. 


As a luxury and lifestyle specialist, Sukeena believes in ‘buy less, buy better.’ She excels in sourcing and securing the most coveted items of the season from legacy brands, couture maisons as well as new guard designers. Clients rely on Sukeena for her taste and illuminating advice. 


As a pioneer in personal shopping, Sukeena has become one of the most elusive influencers within the ‘zero point one per cent’ network. She passionately believes in providing an under the radar service that is built upon discretion and trust. In turn, her clients remain fiercely loyal. 


As a consultant and strategist, Sukeena Rao has masterminded shopping services for luxury stores worldwide. She has a unique commercial ability that blends creativity with exceptional service.  

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